Prices are based on supply and demand, popularity, andoriginal retail price. Please provide proof of value if your pieces are unique and/or rare.

We can tell you from your description and photo’s/videos etc.if the item’s you are looking to sell are appropriate for sale on our website.All items should be brand new, unworn, authentic and come with their original packaging. 

Wewill not accept items that show signs of wear or with incomplete packaging. Wewill only accept items that are reasonably current or otherwise desirable intoday's market.

A signed Consignment Agreement will be required for allitems offered for consignment sale, subject to these terms and conditions.

TRNDZ Boutique receive 15% of the selling price for the item’ssold during this period, with the option to redeem payments for store credit.

Prices will be set by TRNDZ Boutique staff, with reductionsin price made at our discretion, subject to an agreed-upon minimum sales pricebelow which the item will not be sold under any circumstance. Original askingprices will be automatically reduced by 10% every 20 days and may also besubject to promotional discounts at the discretion of TRNDZ Boutique.

Payments will be issued within 1 day of sale but may takeup to 7 days to go through depending on your bank.